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Opendata-magic on PDF Ukraine: how synergy between local governance and civil activists achieving

Opendata-magic on PDF Ukraine: how synergy between local governance and civil activists achieving

Opendata-magic on PDF Ukraine: how synergy between local governance and civil activists achieving

How real synergy may be achieved? You should unite efforts of different experts to receive good results for your city. You should put together open data as itself, city managers, open data activists and IT-people who interested in this.

To demonstrate how it works “AppsforCities” and TransparanCEE provided workshop on September 26th in Kyiv. This event was a part of second national Personal Democracy Forum (PDF).

Why open data is so important? What benefits of this tool? What problems may be resolved using open data? Participants asked many questions to their coaches as well as exchanged with their own experience and generated new ideas.

Facilitator Tin Geber said that this workshop had a purpose to put together people from different areas such as local governance, civil society and open data. People discussed how they could work together, mentioned Tin.

“Workshop participants may be very good in their area but completely uninformed about others. It is not a bug but feature because people reinforce each other with their knowledges. We started from very general things. We explained them why open data is good and helpful thing. To illustrate this thesis we observed some examples to demonstrate how it works”, Geber said.

“It is good approach because people here can explore beyond limits of their personal experience. We realized this like a best way to demonstrate opportunities of open data”, added Mrs Irina Shvets who is coordinator of educational programs in “AppsforCities”.

Different practices, different experts, different cities should provoke synergy effect if their achievements collected and shared for all, said Irina.

“We hope to achieve here two key results. First is practical ideas to implement them in important areas as a part of “Apps for Cities” initiative. For example, these are some hi-tech innovations in education, transparency, public procurement etc. Another result is new level of cooperation and coordination between local governance and civil activists”, mentioned Tin Geber.

Workshop in Kyiv was organized for participants of “Open Challenge” project facilitated by “Apps for Cities” initiative. Those are local authorities, open data activists and IT-experts from Voznesensk, Kolomiya, Rivne, Mykolaiv and Uzhgorod. Later they will implement open data policy in their cities according to international standards.

Some feedback from workshop participants:

Oksana Paliy, Kolomiya city council, information policy department: “It was interesting and practical day today. I’ve made many notes about each case we analyzed. There are many new information I can use in my work. Actually, I’d like to continue my studies in open data”.

Mykola Bondarenko, Kolomiya city council, IT-department: “I’ve realized many problems in my city. I ignored them before but now clearly understand they need to be resolved. This is most important thing for me – understanding of my lacks. Now I should work on that. And it was very helpful to see here people with foreign experience”.

Olena Chudinovich, OPORA civil network, Rivne: “This was extremely productive workshop. We worked with concrete cases and reflected on tasks that may be implemented on the ground. It is cool! And also it was very useful that we identified specific things for each city”.





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